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How to subscribe: 

- Through the welcome page of Ogero when connected to the Wifi, by requesting a voucher and paying by a credit card, or by transferring the amount to the home invoice for fixed lines, on condition that the latter is technically feasible. 

- Through visiting designated POS and pay either by cash, credit card or by transferring the amount to the invoice of the fixed landline, on condition that the latter is technically feasible.

- As for the Ministry subscribers in public places other than the airport, there is no need to buy a voucher. An extra capacity of 5GB will be made automatically and is connected to the subscriber’s Internet account.

Targeted SubscribersOfferPrice
MoT/Ogero Retail Subscribers5GB/month in total; usable by up to 4 MAC addresses (1)Free of Charge (2)
All PublicPer 1GB Quota available (3)35,000L.L per 1GB (4)
All Public inside the Rafic Hariri International AirportUp to 2 hours based on a decision issued by MOT

Free of Charge

(1) MOT/Ogero fixes the number of allowed MAC addresses (with a max of 4 devices)

(2) Consumption above the quota will be charged at a price of 1,500L.L per 1 extra GB

(3) Valid for 1 month from purchase date and 1 month from activation date

(4) Quota packages of multiple GBs could be commercialized based on the offered rate