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OGERO, engine of MoT, constitutes the backbone infrastructure for all telecom networks including Mobile Operators, Data Service Providers (DSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and others.

Ogero continues to improve and expand its portfolio of services including Voice and Data services mainly based on Fiber (FTTx).

In the near future, Ogero, will move from connectivity offers to converged packages (Voice, Internet, TV Programs, Info, Movies...). End users will have the ability to set their own packages and can use a variety of devices from any fixed or mobile access.
Imad Kreidieh
In line with our vision and mission to "Connect the Nation", our strategy will not spare any effort or investment to strengthen the nation's telecom foundations, and proactively innovate new solutions and services that foster economic development. 

We strongly believe that it is our duty to provide a solid platform to empower people and enable growth.

Our team's dedication to implement our values of integrity, growth, innovation, compassion and drive, remains at the core of my belief that change can happen; and change will happen.

And so it begins...
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Ogero’s mission is to design, implement and maintain the state of the art, reliable, secure and adaptable telecommunication  and information technology infrastructure and solutions for the welfare of our society, that enable digital transformation  in every home and every business in the country.
Ogero's vision is to digitize everyday life for Lebanon by continuously redefining the innovation boundaries and enabling inclusive sustainable growth while being the leader in shaping the digital future for Lebanon. 
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Address: Beirut, Bir Hasan, Hafez el Assad Street
Phone Number: +961 1 840000
Fax: +961 1 826823
PO BOX: 11-1226 Lebanon 1107 2070