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Terms and Conditions

If you apply through the Contact Center or website, the activation fee will be collected via your monthly billing invoice.
  • Upgrade & Downgrade is free in the case of:      
  • Same package selection and switching between same types of service (New speed is activated at the beginning of the next month following the request date):
    • Example 1: migrate from copper 4Mbps/40GB to copper Open Speed/100GB
    • Example 2: migrate from dedicated 2Mbps to dedicated 4Mbps.
    • Example 3: migrate from Fiber 50Mbps/300GB to Fiber 50Mbps/400GB.
  • When changing the type of service: moving from copper shared to copper dedicated or moving from copper to fiber, the existing service will be cancelled and the customer will pay installation for the new service.
  • In the case of subscribers missing payments/refusing to make payments, both the telephone line and the Internet service are temporarily disconnected; the concerned Service Provider is informed. Both services (telephone & Internet) are reconnected when the customer pays the invoice.
  • Cancellation fee: 125,000 LL (VAT and fiscal stamp included)