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عربي DIRECTORYFind Landline SPEED TESTUnleash your speed

UP TO 6 Mbps

6 Mbps1,250,000 LBP

UP TO 8 Mbps

8 Mbps1,750,000 LBP

UP TO 50 Mbps

50 Mbps2,250,000 LBP


100 GB500,000 LBP


xDSL150,000 LBP + modem price
LTE500,000 LBP + modem price
Fiber750,000 LBP + modem price + vertical costs

  • Prices are subject to 11% VAT and stamp fee.
  • 80 GB & 100 GB bundles are available over copper only. Exceptions require ministerial approval.
  • Last mile delivery network to be determined based on technical feasibility and availability.
  • Speeds are "up to" based on the distance from the exchange and copper line quality.
  • Top up voucher can be activated one time only during the month.
  • Top up voucher cannot be rounded for the following month.
  • Top up voucher prevails on additional consumption from the date of its activation.
  • Top up vouchers' availability date to be communicated later.
  • Additional consumption over quota will be priced 25,000 LBP for each 1 GB.
  • Capping service can be activated to avoid over consumption.
  • Unlimited plans are subject to fair usage policy.
  • Modem related offers are provided based on availability.
  • All plans are subject to terms and conditions.