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Subscription to International Direct Access "00"

 International Direct Access "00" will be added for free when you subscribe to fixed telephone line service.
  • For Individuals: the amount of the International bills should not exceed the sum of 300,000 L.L. 
    Otherwise a bank guarantee is required or a deposit of 1,500,000 L.L. at the sales office.
  • For Private institutions, Commercial companies, Financial & Banking organizations:
    bills should not exceed the sum of 1,500,000 L.L. unless a higher limit is requested.
  • For Public Institutions, Diplomatic bodies and Embassies, there is no Limitation.



(*) The subscriber needs to process the Subscription in person. Otherwise, you may authorize a delegate to process the subscription on your behalf with the following documents:

  • a Power of Attorney certified by a Notary Public, if you reside in Lebanon,
  • a Delegation of Power certified by the Lebanese Embassy, if you reside abroad.

International  Codes & Rates 

Choose the country of destination and  along side it you will see displayed the country code along side the on-peak and off-peak rates:
Country Code RATE in L.L/min (VAT not included)
Peak Off Peak
Check All Rates

 **Off-Peak hours : 10 PM Till 7 AM

To call an international number from your fixed telephone line :
  1. If you have International Direct Access " 00 ": dial 00 then the destination country code then the number you want to reach . 
  2. Othewise :
  • Dial 100 ( International operator ) and ask the operator to connect you to the destination number .
  • Or use prepaid cards KALAM .

 You may also call any number through the public payphones by using prepaid cards TELECARTE .




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