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What is the Parental Protection service?
  • The Parental Protection service is very useful as it provides parents with the tool to block web sites that are not suited (violence, drugs, pornography) for family.
    This service is offered as an option with the OGERO DSL only.
    The key benefit of Parental Protection service is that it is managed by OGERO and the parents do not need to install specific software in their computers to control the visited web sites on the Internet.
    Note: If you use a "Public IP" address, you cannot subscribe to the Parental Protection service.

  Prices and Terms of Use

  • Activation fee: 5,000 LL (VAT and fiscal stamp included)
  • Recurring fee: 2,000 LL/month (VAT not included)
  • Cancellation fee: 5,000 LL (VAT and fiscal stamp included)
  • If you apply through Call Center or web site, then the activation fee will be collected via your monthly billing invoice.
How to Subscribe

    If you are an OGERO DSL subscriber, you will be able to subscribe to the Parental Protection service through the following:
  • 1: Calling the Call Center (1515) using the phone line on which OGERO DSL is provided.
  • You will be able to request this service on the IVR, through the following path: Language (1 or 2 or 3) - DSL service (1) - Parental Protection (4)
  • 2: Applying for the service at your OGERO Sales Office with your ID.
  • 3: Requesting this service through OGERO web site (after logging in with your OGERO Web Account).
How to unsubscribe
  • Service cancellation can only be done through OGERO Sale Office. You will need your ID.
For more details and information Check out the FAQ page



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