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The idea of us

The Call Center project is integrated within the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that was planned and implemented by OGERO to upgrade the level of services provided for the subscribers, on the basis of a better and larger understanding of the market's needs. This step would enable OGERO in later stages to provide new services that are up to the subscribers' expectations with the improvement of communication with the subscribers in mind.

The most important functions and facilities provided by the call center are the following:

  1. To request the addition of a star service on his/her line such as the Caller ID, Call Waiting, etc.
  2. To get information about OGERO' and its available services.
  3. To report a fault on a line in the fixed network.
  4. To get a subscriber's number in the fixed network.
  5. To register a complaint.
  6. To inquire about the bill.
  7. To Inquire about the star services programmed on a telephone, the status of the subscribtion application for the Star services and the Fault registered.

To receive the aforementioned services 24 hours a day, a qualified team is dedicated to serve and assist the subscribers.

OGERO is always looking forward to improving its performance, upgrading its services and satisfying its customers.

OGERO provides around-the-clock assistance for subscribers on 1515.


Our Agents

The feasibility of the different functionalities of the call center is assured by the IVR provided by Alcatel and the availability of qualified, tri-lingual agents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, the call center has 35 seats and close to 80 agents distributed among 3 shifts: Morning, Afternoon and Night. These agents are organized in different skilled groups to better serve the subscribers.

Whenever a subscriber accesses the 1515 IVR, he/she will have to choose one of three languages he/she prefers - Arabic, English or French, and then will have the choice to get automated services - Fault, Bill and Info - or agent assistance at any time for these services and for the other ones - Directory and Sales.

The call is routed to the appropriate group of agents, according to the call routing preferences set by the call center team. If the agents are busy, the caller will have to wait in a queue until an agent is free. If the agents are not available and the waiting time is more than the allowed waiting time, the caller is told to retry later because of congestion of calls.


Our Goal

The Call Center management aims at providing the best services to Ogero's subscribers through providing them with better contact channels. Thus, in order to create new channels that provide similar services to the 1515's IVR, the new goal of Ogero's call center is to allow:

  1. Fault reporting through Ogero's web page.
  2. Inquiry on the reported fault application.
  3. Star services sales through Ogero's web page.
  4. Inquiry on the star services purchase application.
  5. E-mail contact with dedicated agents that receive the subscriber's complaints or suggestions at any time.

The subscriber will be able to benefit from the above future services by applying the same steps as those provided by the 1515's IVR. As a result, Ogero's Call center would be able to provide Ogero's subscribers with different physical channels, similar in their procedures, to access its services.



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